Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lazyness strikes again!

Oh well, I admit that I have been terribly lazy lately. With almost everything. Ugh.
But now that I want to clean my room I can't because clumsy me fell down the stairs on sunday and managed to break her left wrist + ellbow. Look at me, being an idjit! :'D
Anyway, I can be proud because this year I managed to get DECENT christmas presents for everyone! This will be so awesome! I can't wait to see everyones face when they get theirs *v*
Beside that I'm working on a few new Cosplays so yeah, be prepared!

I also got a lot of mail today. A new fancy vest, a precious shirt and... the awesome sweater I got from Michi! IT'S SO LOVELY ♥ And some badass high heels! Gonna show you in the next post (:
For now I'll crawl back into my back because from the fall I'm stiff like fuck and moving hurts. Ouch...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

omg Michi

I just wanna say that Michi is the sweetest thing ever ♥
I asked him if it would be okay to get me one special thing for christmas and... I'll get it! asdfghjkl! SO DAMN AWESOME! Ahh >3<


Thursday, November 22, 2012

I haz stuff!

Ahh well.
Yesterday I ordered me a kind of a business map so I have all my stuff like writings and drawings together and it should most likely arrive tomorrow. This beauty is made of leather and looks really really nice!
Then... as some of you may know Assassins Creed III was released for the computer today. So yup, I got up early, put on my AC sweater, my bracelet and my earrings before my mom drove me to our GameStop in the city where I picked up my Freedom Edition. After getting my baby I went to get me some Bubble Tea (hot mango-milk flavour with yogurt pearls) amd I bought me the newest album of 'FosterThePeople' at our Media Markt. It's pretty cool!

But AC III... It's so fucking awesome, I'm so damn happy to finally have it and lord, the game itself is also very nice! Already spent some hours playing it! asdfghjkl! >3<
Then I finished Supernatural yesterday. Well, finished in meaning that I watched all aired episodes so far (last one is epidose 7 from season 8) and man, I'm addicted! It's like a drug, exspecially Destiel... So that also means a few more Cosplays... Oh well. And of course my dear girlfriend will do a partner Cosplay with me, this is going to be fucking awesome! ... Seen as it's like a drug I got me a poster of Cas and some bookmarks. More merchandise stuff shall come soon but for now I'm out of money, ehehehe. But I guess I'll get some stuff for christmas so it's all good!

Oh and say hello to lil' Cassie. I finished him a few days ago but was too lazy to make a post. Heh.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What a weekend

If we ignore the fact that I killed my keyboard - my wonderful mechanical keyboard with all these lovely features! - on saturday, that I had a real shitty day on friday and that I problably won't have enough money to finish my driving license... I had a pretty decent weekend.
I spent most of the time either watching Supernatural (I reached season 7, aww yiss!), sewing my little Castiel or simple as that, writing stories. Plus my mom's birthday is today on the 18th so my dad and I went present shopping yesterday. Got her some nice perfume, tea and strawberry wine!
But yeah, Michi had to get here on saturday night (around 11.45pm) and tried to fix my keyboard... It's dead and so he lend me one of his. He stayed the night, we watched some SPN and smoked hookah until he fell asleep. I haven't slept since yesterday and I don't really want to either. Not tired, not at all. Instead I kept writing and sewing the whole night, trying to get something finished. Then his parents came over around 12 'o clock and we kind of celebrated my moms birthday. Was kinda nice...
Now everyone's gone again and I shall waste my time writing and trying to figure out little Cas' hair.

Little Cassie boy, isn't he... weird? :I

And this, my dear friends, is some chocolate wine! I luvvvv eeeeet! ♥

Monday, November 12, 2012

Asshole time

Once again I had to realize how much of a fucking asshole I am. Yay. I kinda started a fight with my best friend about something so goddamn stupid and meaningless, acted like a fucking immature kid, wasn't grown enough to talk to her, avoided her and now I just wanna bury myself somewhere. You still think I'm a great person, a loveable and kind human being who should be loved? Well, guess what. You're wrong.
Just your average asshole. If not worse than average. A selfish prick who just wants the best for herself and gives a fuck about everyone elses feelings. Wow. I'm amazed that I even have friends... Guess they'll just abadon me because at some point they'll have enough of me. Just what I deserve! Wonder when Michi and Soraya will have enough of me and will just say 'fuck you'. Should happen pretty soon I guess.

... on another note I found my love for making plushies. For now I'll finish the ones which are ment as a christmas present and then I shall make me a little Dean along with a Malik and a Castiel. I don't care, I'm in love with these characters.

Whutevur, I'll continue watching Supernatural now because that's all I have at the moment. Need to finish season 4.

PS: I'll surely die alone because everyone hates me. Wheee.
So how about just getting drunk for tonight while watching the rest of SPN season 4? Depends on the amount of alcohol I have left. If there isn't enough then I'll just keep watching until I pass out.
Gosh, I really hate myself. Hopefully my eating disorder will get the better of me and just end me.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen... This is Sammy. My new cat. And I totally not named her after Sam from Supernatural, nope. It's a cute little girl, only half a year old and such a cuddler ♥
Welcome to the family, dear!

Up all night.

So what am I doing at almost 2am in the morning? ... Watching Supernatural and figuring blogger for my mobile out. But I'm tired now so I'll just sleep.
PS: First mobile post! :D